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Kawamura-Koki is a Japanese motorparts supplier producing sheet pipes, welded roll pipes (from 8 to 200mm diameter), support brackets, other metal stamping and metal forming parts.
We hold large market share in muffler cutters for major automobile manufacturers in Japan, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Suzuki.

Our main products are welded roll pipes made of metal sheet and plate like SUS304, SUS409 AND SUS425, automotive muffler cutters, exhausted system support brackets and other automotive parts made of stainless steel and iron material.

Our mass production of sheet pipe and welded roll pipe with zero cracking and breaking that remain durable through shrinking or expanding process. With our corporate slogan “One piece for one order.”, we can offer small lot production processing by our original specialized automatic machine.

As for metal stamping die and welding jig, we have realized quick feedback from the manufacturing field, time effectiveness of new product commercialization, through coordinate with our related company Kawamura Co., Ltd. Kawamura specializes in designing and manufacturing metal die and mold.

We provide customer satisfaction through differentiated automatic technology that combines different process such as metal stamping, metal forming, welding, and spot welding.